Denver Half Crazies

Welcome to Denver's Challenge 2 & Challenge 3a Square Dance Club

To receive an email notification of dance cancellation (lack of people, weather, etc), you must be a member. Click here to send an email requesting to be added to our mailing list. Don't change the subject. Dues are very affordable

Our dance calendar is below but isn't updated all that frequently as we use the mailing list. Click the tabs at the top right to change views. The Week or Agenda tabs are good for seeing the full name of the event.

Click here to send an email if you just want information (a dance, classes, whatever). Again, don't change the subject.

More Info…

Our regular weekly dances are to recorded callers from major dance events. We have no membership fee and currently charge $4 per person for regular dances. This covers costs and builds funds for purchasing future recordings as well as hosting special events with live callers. Past special events featured Saundra Bryant, Todd Fellegy, Mike Jacobs, Randy Dougherty, Kris Jensen, and others. To make special events fun for all, we ask that everyone attending is well practiced at the level(s) they plan to dance. The weekly dances are perfect for this as we're happy to go back over stuff that people are not understanding. As of now, we only dance C1 through C3a. (Some are REALLY crazy and want to make it to C4 :-). There's another club that meets at the same location that now dances a weak C3b (just graduated). Email for contact info.

Green is used for C1 events. Blue is used for C2 events. Red is for C3a events. The Purple color is used for Special events we host as well as events other groups host (not just Colorado) that might interest our members.